From the start, they walked the entire community and identified the necessary changes and improvements that they would make. Our previous company only did what we directed them to do; 4 Seasons is very proactive in handling and identifying any issues and or items that may arise during their maintenance. We consider 4 Seasons one of our community partners, not just a landscaping company we hired.

– Marvette Critney, President of Cherry Ridge Subdivision

Seven Oaks Homeowners Association has used 4 Seasons Landscape Group for approximately one year. During that period of time, 4 Seasons has done an amazing job. The condition and appearance of our common grounds have never been better. Bruce Bryde (President/CEO) and Shawn Lesko (VP Landscape Maintenance) of 4 Seasons are wonderful. They are very much involved with the weekly activity of their crews and are very attentive to detail. They are both personally involved with the beautification of our community. They are very proactive and constantly inform us of areas that need attention. They are very professional in everything they do. They are very knowledgeable of the correct things to plant and the proper time to plant them. They are very eager to please and it shows. They are very reliable. I couldnot be happier with 4 Seasons performance at Seven Oaks. We have had several landscape companies over my 15 years on the SOHA Board. 4 Seasons is by far the best landscape management company that we have ever had. Hiring 4 Seasons to handle our landscape needs is one of the best decisions that we have ever made. In conclusion, I highly recommend 4 Seasons and would hire them again in a minute.

– David L. Shelton, PresidentSeven Oaks Homeowners Association

Bruce and his team at 4 Seasons are by far one of the most professional landscapingcompanies that I have worked with. The service is impeccable. They are the most responsive, reliable, and consistent in the business. It has been a pleasure working with Bruce.

– Krista L. Kugelman| Community Association Manager

Happy client. Vickery Lake is a community of 140 homes. We rely on our landscape contractor to maintain the residential properties as well as a rather expansive common property. It is quite a sizeable task for any company and we have gone through quite a few in the past. Fortunately, we gave our current contract to 4 Seasons Landscape company and have been with them for three years. We just renewed a three year agreement to go forward. This is a result of several favorable factors. One major factor is the crew of workers servicing our community. They have done an excellent job in keeping the properties well manicured, edged and blown. In the past cutting from other vendors was erratic and unreliable. Probably, though, our ability to communicate with the company and having a dedicated manager has become one of the biggest benefits. Any concerns we have or corrections that are needed are immediately addressed. Bruce, owner of the company has always been available to us with just a phone call. We have never had such service or attention. As a board member responsible for landscape issues within our community I will gladly say that using 4 Seasons has been one of the best decisions we have made.

– B.Goldstein, Vickery Lake HOA VP

4 Seasons Landscape Group provides everything a customer (community) expects when it comes to landscape care and improvements. Their work in our community is a demonstration of the kind of work that makes a customer happy, something that depends not only on being able to deploy the appropriate tools and machinery the job requires as well as a team of efficient and responsible workers. Owner Bruce Bryde has built a very professional team that is prompt and responsive to our community’s needs. That responsive factor is extremely important for a community of our size. For us that begins with Shawn Lesko our contact at 4 Seasons. His experience and knowledge in this industry has made it a real pleasure to work with this team. Our community’s landscaping looks so much better, thanks to our business relationship with this quality organization.

– J. C. Jacobus, Crooked Creek Community